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This easy-to-follow program was designed to add variety to your Zumba classes with dynamic vertical core movements, red-hot midsection exercises and rockin' new music. Strengthening core muscles enhances balance and stability, and improves posture and alignment to help amp up your every move. Although the moves are less cardio based and  focus more on toning, with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity, you are still getting a full body workout and will feel it.



 '' Toning Sticks '' have now been introduced into Zumba classes to combine the high energy aerobic flair of regular Zumba with strength training and body sculpting, creating a whole new kind of dance fitness party. The toning sticks weigh 1 pound and are filled with sand. The sticks are more fluid in movement than regular hand weights due to centrifugal force, allowing you to shake and rattle them, adding more fun and a musical component to your workout. These toning sticks will help you tone your muscles creating a fitter appearance. They are said to feel like maracas and because they are so light, they do not interfere with your ability to dance and are suitable for all fitness levels. However the use of toning sticks does require more coordination and timing which can benefit your brain. Also care and knowledge of proper use is required to avoid injury and obtain the greatest physical benefits, so please follow your instructors indications.




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